Do Bugs Lie?

And another important questions

Book of Why
Nonfiction book ofr kids

Do Bugs Lie? And other important questions

Written by Gulnur Fakhrullina Sarbinaz Shaikhelova
Illustrated and designed by Guzel Garipova.
Published by "Yulbasma" publishing house
Kazan/ 2022

The Book was initiated by a young biologist, who worked with kids and collected a huge list of their curious questions about biology, ecology and the local environment. So they decided to write a book together. The project won a competition for a local educational grant in Tatar language in Kazan and was half-granted. It was a great opportunity for me to support the local community and authors. The main idea was to attract kids and explain science in a smart and funny way. Also, I liked the way how entertaining they explained such complicated questions about flora and fauna of Tatarstan and also the local names of animals and insects.

Do Bugs Lie? And another important questions, Yulbasma, Kazan, 2022

Guzel Garipova

Having a background in architecture,
I chose to follow my childhood love for drawing.
Since then I’ve illustrated 11 books, Shortlisted The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 4 (2022) by dPictus, won Hiii Illustration Awards 2020, Carpetvista 2019 and was shortlisted at WIA 2019.

Alongside with supporting female communities one of my main professional interests is investing in further development of local Tatar culture and language.
As an art teacher I’m interested in projects encouraging curiosity and creative thinking in kids.