The Spotty Cat carpet

or the 11th year, the people's voice has selected the winners of our annual CarpetVista's Design Competition. In 2019, they had over 8 000 fantastic contributions from 90 different countries. 25 finalists were carefully selected by our jury and 10 winners have been chosen based on the peoples votes. The winning design was produced as designer rugs in 2020 by CarpetVista/Rugvista.

Killing animals for fun or decoration is unforgivable. But illustrating interior elements such as carpets with animals could bring some joy and irony. This spotty cat in the carpet is posing in a thoughtful way and trying to mimic the background.

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Guzel Garipova

Having a background in architecture,
I chose to follow my childhood love for drawing.
Since then I’ve illustrated 11 books, Shortlisted The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 4 (2022) by dPictus, won Hiii Illustration Awards 2020, Carpetvista 2019 and was shortlisted at WIA 2019.

Alongside with supporting female communities one of my main professional interests is investing in further development of local Tatar culture and language.
As an art teacher I’m interested in projects encouraging curiosity and creative thinking in kids.